Nathan Robbins

I am a PhD candidate in Policy Analysis and Management in the Brooks School of Public Policy at Cornell University. I study the challenges and barriers fathers face in their involvement with their families, and the policies that help and hinder their efforts.

I focus my research on fatherhood because of the tremendous impact it has on the well-being of families and the relationships within them. I believe the next great leaps in strengthening families and communities, building equality in and outside of the home, and providing stronger foundations for children will come from men and fathers as we better understanding what keeps them from the level of involvement they desire to have with their families.


“Our results point to an important avenue through which ostensibly race neutral family policy may disadvantage low-income men of color and their families and reproduce existing racial inequities.”
(Robbins et. al, 2022)

Journal Articles

Do workplace characteristics moderate the effects of attitudes on father warmth and engagement?
Holmes, E. K., Petts, R. J., Thomas, C., Robbins, N. L., and Henry, T.
Journal of Family Psychology, 2020.

The Father Motive: Predicting the Impact of Father Attitudes on Involvement
Robbins, N. L.
All Theses and Dissertations, 2016.

Book Chapters

Robbins, N. L., Dyer, W. J., & McBride, B. A.
Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology, 2020.

Fatherhood, Work and Family across the Globe: A Review and Research Agenda.
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PhD, Policy Analysis and Management – Cornell University, expected May 2023
MS, Marriage, Family and Human Development – Brigham Young University, 2016
BS, Human Development – Brigham Young University, 2014

Teaching Assistant

Social Problems in the US – Cornell University, Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Engaged Learning Capstone – Cornell University, Spring 2020, Spring 2021
Multiple Regression Analysis – Brigham Young University, Winter 2017

Professional Experience

Fatherhood Education Coordinator – Utah State University, 2016